In this edition of SLCKR Spotlight we are highlighting Brittany Lester (@b_a_thebarber). Britt is from Marietta, GA originally but moved out to LA to pursue their aspirations of working on set. Britt is a barber, a stylist, a proud member of the LGBQT community, and a person that continues to inspire. Enjoy their takes on set work and the barbering industry!

Can you share with us what films and shows you’ve had the opportunity to be apart of? 

"So due to NDA’s I can’t quite share everything that I have worked on. One of the amazing perks of the industry is that I have the ability to not just work on Tv/Film sets I have also worked photoshoots, music videos and commercials. I’m really trying to dip my foot in everything entertainment. A really dope artist by the name of RINI, his “Red Lights” music video and photo shoot was huge! BeachBody commercial I got to make the “sweat” before the sweat. LACE season 1 is streaming on the AllBlk network. I have been blessed to work with several productions that stream on the AllBlk network. HBOmax, Netflix and FX are all premiering movies and shows that I have had the opportunity to be a part of. " 

What has been your favorite set to work on and why? 

"That’s tough. Each set is so different, so is the take away. There is a lesson on each set that I have stepped foot on. Each one has been my favorite in its own way. "

How is your work different between the barbershop and on set?  

"It’s like day and night. On set there is an unspoken pressure. Time really doesn’t exist on set. 5 minutes usually means 60 seconds, I’m exaggerating but not really. While 5 minutes in the Barber Studio can seem a lot longer. In the studio I’m able to have that one on one time with my clients, while on set it’s a very in and out deal. You are still connecting with the talent but it’s a bit different than your normal day to day clientele."

How do you go about deciding what haircut a certain character should have?

"That starts at the top. Between production, the director and the department heads. For a new movie or show once  the scripts is read typically hair, makeup and wardrobe will come up with the set looks. If this is  a show with multiple seasons, you have to keep up the same looks up. Continuity is something that has to be kept up through out filming. Looks can also change depending on the scene and day."

How is the rig incorporated into your work on set?

"I grew up playing basketball so follow me for a second. The rig to me is like my game shoes, once I put it on I’m getting in the zone preparing for the game. My clippers and tools are the ball. Once everything is set up in the rig I’m warmed up and ready for tip off. With that being said, the rig allows me to feel secure and able to do my job without hesitation or thought of the next play might be."

What does the barbering industry mean to you? 

"In my past I set so many goals for myself, sometimes the same ones over and over and failing over and over again. This industry has allowed me to set many goals and accomplish each one. I love being a Barber. Being a licensed Barber has changed my life. I have a passion. I have a career. I’m forever grateful for each trial and tribulation I have been through. It has made me who I am today and has allowed me to see something in myself I never knew I had."

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