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Yousaf Khan
Worth getting as a barber

I honestly didn’t expect this shirt to perform as well as it did. Although it will work it won’t get every single hair because they can still get trapped under the fabric no matter what. I will say that i love the fit of it and the material is high quality.

Charleigh Sheffer
This is pretty sick honestly

I feel like I’m constantly fighting with hair sticking to my shirt or poking through my shirt and irritating my skin.
This is a really great shirt for a long day of hair cutting. It’s also a decently heavy material so it helps when the salon is too cold. For sure re-ordering.


Great shirt to cut hair in! Personally I like to layer my clothing so I wear it over my regular t shirt & it’s great! Hair slides right off. It’s comfortable to wear & looks amazing. Looking forward to new products!

Michael Guzman

This is my second order of the shop tees not sure if you guys did anything new in production but the newest ones… way better than my first order

I’ve bought a couple as gifts and work shirts

Overall I am very pleased with this product I’ve bought 3 for myself so far they are light, breathable, repelled against hair, easy to wash, I say that this product is better than smoks you don’t have to wear multiple layers and you can have style with it, I will continue to keep buying from this company I want a whole week set.!!!