Read about the 5 barbers selected to this years SharpFade 2021 Freshman Class.

Alexandre Reck (@reckalexandre)


From: Rio Grande Do Sul, Brazil

About the project: 

For Alexandre, the SharpFade project allowed him to step beyond the chair and rediscover what is possible through digging deep and creating. Alexandre notes that we are accustomed to ready made inspiration in the barbershop sourced by clients through haircuts on social media. It is here that we are most comfortable. Simply reproducing the work is easy. We know what their expectations are, what our limits are, and how to satisfy the client with the end result.

With the SharpFade submission, Alexandre was forced to create something without a singular goal or a defined concept. With a only a short phrase to guide him, he was forced to look outward for inspiration. While his perspective of barbering as the personal art of each barber has remain unchanged, Alexandre has greater security is offering something out of the ordinary to his clients.

Alexandre describes the SharpFade Freshman Class as a time to rediscover possibilities and break addictions in the profession that he didn't realize he had. 

Watch Alexandre's video here


Joseph Rodriguez (@jayr_masterbarber)


From: Virginia Beach, Virginia

About the project:

This year marks the 2nd year JayR entered the Freshman Class, this year emerging as a recipient. It ranks as one of his favorite he's ever participated in. He points at the opportunity to not only showcase his abilities as a barber, but to utilize his imagination as well.

As a barber of over 20 years, JayR notes the mundanity of spending everyday behind the chair. It is opportunities like this one, he says, that allows him to share his own perspectives with his audience and reinvigorate the passion that he has for the art of barbering.

JayR's video pulls inspiration from Mad Max and Game of Thrones to present a dark, apocalyptical scene. His submissions rest around one theme:

"After the storm when the sand settles, only one will rise".

Watch JayR's video here


Willian Torres (@wionbarber)


From: Caracas, Venezuela

About the project: 

Willian made history as the first SharpFade recipient from Venezuela. He recognizes the 3 months of work that he put into this project and the sacrifices that came with it, often using money he made in the barbershop and investing it back into the project.

During the project, Willian realized that he is not just a dreamer, but a dream materializer, bringing the visions in his head to life. He hopes to be a part of providing an evolution to the art of barbering. He trusts in the profession to provide him with opportunity. The opportunity to evolve, to travel, to provide security for loved ones, and much more.

Willian created his SharpFade submissions to honor his late grandmother who was his biggest supporter. The video touches on the concept of life and death, framing death as a welcoming experience as natural as birth itself.

Watch Willian's video here

Joshua Arreola (@stout_ep)


From: El Paso, Texas

About the project:

The SharpFade Freshman Class project brought some newfound challenges to Stout. For the first time, he was not just cutting, but creating behind the chair. From creating a storyline, to directing the video, to filming and editing, Stout had his hand in the whole process.

Stout emphasized how the project changed his perspective behind the chair. He is inspired to keep creating and showing the world what he can do. He knows that the industry is changing rapidly and that success means more than a good fade.

Stout was confident in his abilities when the Desert Storm theme was announced, as his home in Texas is rich with desert landscapes. The video showcases a man on a motorcycles in the midst of a treacherous Desert Storm, struggling to find his way.

Watch Stout's video here


Carlos Negron (@es_bebe)


From: Miami, Florida

About the project:

Carlos had the largest following of this year's Freshman Class, coming in just under the 25K mark at the start of the project. His page is covered with artistic creations and interpretations through hair and photography, rivaling those of the industry's largest players.

Despite his prior experience with bringing his visions to live, the project pushed Carlos's creativity to another level. He always thought that in order to show your work, you have to be cutting behind the chair. The project showed him that his skills can be showcased in many other ways.

Carlos sourced his inspiration from the military mission called Operation Desert Storm. The video aims to capture the vision of what soldiers in 1991 would envision soldiers looking like in the 30 years in the future.

Watch Carlos's video here


  • Jay R said:

    Great group of artist it was an honor to have been chosen along with these individuals.

    December 03, 2021

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