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Fabrizio Izzi

It is very good! It helps me be faster and gives me a good image.

Felix Amaro
I regret leaving a bad review

This guys have the greatest costumer service and quickly resolve my issue
And this product i love bc it save me so much time
Thank you Slckr

Niemah Solomon McCloud

The Rig

It's a whole a$$ station right on your body

Three things: First all of your clients will love it; they will comment on how it looks tactical or something and you'll hear the same joke repeated over and over again. Secondly this rig is made with premo products and is super easy to clean out the hair in the guard slots, which is a breath of fresh hair for the amount of hair I have in my shoes, hand and teeth (we've all been there right?). Lasty using the rig has made my life so much easir and am able to move around the clients instead of continually going back to my station and wasting precious moments, time is money and making clients wait is super unprofessional. Get the rig, it's the cost of two or three haircuts and repays for itself easily!

Miguel Zuniga
The Rig

Love it brotha, made a video on ig you should check out 🤙