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The rig is greatly designed to product that helps me personally cut faster. Everything I need from the half guard to the 2 is in the front alongside with combs and shears. This product is also highly recommended if you find yourself doing a lot of house calls as well. Eliminates the barbers case of carrying a big brief case. In shop is also good too because really all I’m reaching for is just my spray bottles or hair products. Overall it’s great for those who find themselves looking around their station for a certain clip or shear. Front pouch where the shears go I put my box of razors in it so all I gotta do is slide it out for a new razor. Highly recommended.

Mark Ronas
The Rig

I’ve always found it a small hassle picking my guards up and place them down, I’ve found myself in the same situation with my clippers and scissors. Though it has never affected the way I cut hair, it always left me wondering there must be a product out there that can fix this situation. I searched for wrist bands and aprons etc. to hold my clippers and guards but I’ve never found a product that can do both. Then I found the Rig which I think excels at doing both. Great for holding clippers, scissors, straight blades, combs, guards, etc. 4/5

Boris Zaruma

Excellent for delivery haircuts at any place!


I’m real interested in this product as I’m a dog groomer and it would keep my tools off the table since I’m always switching up what I use but is it flexible at all only asking because (boobs)

Burnon Anderson

The most convenient well put together Accessory you can have as a barber the quality is amazing and durable while looking dope wearing it ! Highly recommend it to the barbers ! Shipping was great and fast and really hands on with packaging hand written letter which says and means alot about the company and the ppl who makes it not to mention it really does cut your cutting time down because of the convince of not have to go back n forth to your station to get guards and clippers during a cut. Thank u guys I appreciate you 💪🏾