If you are in the barbering industry and haven't heard of Menspire, you're a step behind. The men's hairdressing chain has now expanded to 20 vast locations, including salons in Barcelona, Napoli, Amsterdam, and Dubai. Recently, Menspire has planted its foot in the United States with its first location in Portland, Oregon. We had the chance to chat with one of the original members of the Menspire Portland team and the newly appointed head of Menspire USA Education, Brandon Michael. For the full interview, click here


Here are our takeaways in five parts:


1) Menspire is entering the US scene at a transitional time

  • The barbering industry is in the midst of a generational change
  • Dissatisfaction with earning potential and growth opportunities has alienated some of the most passionate barbers from their profession
  • Many are searching for more opportunities from barbering


2) Menspire is here to push those boundaries

  • With their fast expansion, Menspire is able to offer growth opportunities for their employees beyond the chair
  • In a growing company with many positions to fill, hiring from within is probable
  • Menspire desires to develop their staff into businessman and leaders


3) Education is a key to their success

  • By establishing a world renowned education platform, Menspire is able to attract top talent who already have interest in working for their salon
  • Consistent education allows for a consistent output of product
  • Menspire salons maintain brand integrity and quality throughout - an enormous challenge to conquer


4) Through their eyes, hair and fashion are one

  • A consultation goes beyond hair length, texture, and face shape
  • Hair is an extension of an individuals personality and style
  • The right haircut considers all factors, from the outfit, to the hygiene, to the hair


5) The end goal may be world domination

  • Menspire has expanded at a remarkable rate and has no plans of stopping now
  • You can expect more salons and academies opening across the United States
  • Menspire hopes to be the premiere business for male image and grooming



Read more about Menspire here. We highly recommend doing your research!



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