This month's SLCKR Community Member Spotlight features our dear friend Hadi Elferri. Hadi was with us at the very ground level of this thing. I remember connecting with him over IG and chatting on the phone back during my junior year at college. He was one of our very first brand ambassadors and a warrior for the brand through the years. What started through an Instagram message has developed into a lifelong friendship.

Hadi is a very proud resident of Brooklyn, New York. Hadi is the owner of Blackbox Studio in Brooklyn, New York and is very involved in set work in New York, cutting for movies, tv shows, and fashion shows. He is also an avid fisher. Let's get into our chat with Hadi!



Welcome Hadi. Super excited to have you here. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself? 

“Hey! Thank you for having me. I’m a barber and the owner of Black Box Studio in Brooklyn, New York. I was born in New York, but I lived most of my life in Montreal before moving back. The two most important things to me in life are family and loyalty.  I don't think I could live without those 2 foundations.”

When we first met a few years back, you were cutting in Montreal. You made the decision to move back to New York. What inspired you to make that decision? What were some of the difficulties you faced starting from scratch?

“What inspired me to move to New York was the amount of opportunities here. From working on set to fashion shows, New York really has it all. On top of that, most of my family lives here and I wanted to be closer to them.

When I first moved to New York, I did have to get comfortable with a new environment. I grew up visiting, but to live in a different place is a different conversation. Building clientele was very difficult for me at first. I had to make a point to go out and get clients to make sure I could pay my chair rent each week. Being consistent, pushing forward, and not losing hope has gotten me to the place I am today.”



I would describe you as a proud New Yorker. What is it that makes a New Yorker a New Yorker? As it relates to barbering, what do you feel like the NYC barber environment brings to the table?

“New York for me is home. There are so many people and so much to do. I’m never bored here. There’s always some type of fashion show or  set work for movies, TV shows, and commercials. This keeps things interesting so I’m not only working in the barbershop.

Even though it’s very busy and populated in the city, it’s still easy to get out of the hustle and bustle.  You can always take a quick trip upstate or out on the river to fish and be in nature. I try to get out on the boat once a week with family and friends to relax and refresh. Fishing is a big part of my life.”


You recently opened up your own shop in New York. What made you take the leap to opening your own space? How has it been so far?

“I wanted to open a shop to provide a peaceful place for my clients and to be my own boss. It also gives me the chance to really show off my own brand in a unique way. 

My biggest difficulty so far has been finding workers. I feel like the new era of barbers sometimes lack work ethic. They think that becoming a barber and having clients is done overnight, while older barbers know the game is much harder than that. I remember starting off not cutting a single head some days. I would just greet clients coming in and stand behind the other barbers trying to take in as much as I could.”



You’re very involved in set work in the New York Fashion and Entertainment industry. What are the differences from set work to the barbershop? Which do you prefer?

“The difference between working on set and working in the barbershop is night and day. In the barbershop,  you basically know what to expect in a day and not much changes. You  know most of your clients that are coming in and you work on a strict schedule. 

Working on set is almost always all over the place, but I love it that way. It keeps things fresh. Our crew is the best and we always have fun with each other. Seeing my work on courts or on tv screens reminds me of how important haircuts are for individuals to be on top of their game. It brings a different sense of pride in the work.”

What keeps you motivated to keep growing within your profession?

“Right now, I think money is the biggest motivation for me, but I will say this. When a person walks out of the shop feeling better about themselves than when they walked in, it makes me feel like the little things that we do as barbers have a bigger impact on people than we actually think.”

That's all for this months community spotlight. Be sure to keep up with Hadi on Instagram @thebrooklyncuts for more! See y'all next month


The SLCKR Community Spotlight is a monthly installment of real stories of our diverse community. From seasoned barbers to new, we're highlighting the authentic narratives that make our community unique. Barbershops aren't just for haircuts; they're cultural hubs, and the SLCKR Community Spotlight is all about recognizing that. Join us each month for candid and inspiring narratives beyond the barber's chair. 


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