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I F**king love it! It was hard to get use to at first, but once I did, it’s make everything more efficient for me. One thing I would like it to have is a water bottle spray attachment. Other than that everything about it is great!

Worth the money

In this industry we all know that time is money and the slckr helps increase your speed with haircuts one of the best investments I’ve made highly recommended

The best out there

The best money that can buy I don’t have to go back and forth to my station the material is great high Quality light it don’t feel like you have it on it’s the best purchase I ever made 🙏🤙🏼💪🏼


If you aren’t using this vest and you actually care about your craft, you are hustling backwards! The vest is not only made with high quality materials but it also is fashionable as hell! Every person that comes in the shop rather they are my client or one of my fellow barbers; they always have something positive to say about the vest. I LOVE that I invested in this and I hope you invest in one for yourself as well! It will speed up your cuts, make you look nice and put more money in your pocket. BUY THE SLCKR vest ASAP.

Cris Alanis
Great investment

I’m more than happy with what the rig has offered me. The quality of the leather and buckles is superb and it’s definitely been helping me become more efficient as a barber. I always get compliments from my clients and colleagues about how cool I look wearing it and I’m happy that this investment has helped propel my business to another level. Thanks SLCKR team for creating this one of a kind and great quality product!