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The quality on this cape is crazy definitely different from the majority 👌🏾


Already own 4 illuzien capes because of the high quality this one just happens to be the best looking, all are extremely nice though but slckr killed it with this one

Kenneth Feliciano

im pretty sure that it is a good quality cape, sadly its delayed ☹️

Jorge Pablo Sánchez
Hello Ben

I wanted to provide some feedback on the product after using it daily for over a month. Firstly, I was surprised by an additional charge of more than $30 upon receiving the package. Adding to that, the package arrived in poor condition with a damaged and broken box. While I initially intended to create an unboxing video, the overall experience from waiting to the condition upon arrival wasn't as positive, so I decided against documenting it.

Nonetheless, I received the ring, the cape, and the guards. Concerning the cape, it's of excellent quality, but I would personally prefer it in black or cream. The guards are soft and I appreciate their color. Speaking of the ring, I noticed that after just a month of daily use, the elastics have considerably loosened, affecting the overall fit and feel. It's become less comfortable and secure.

I find the ring more suitable for occasional use, like at barbershop events or outdoor setups, rather than daily use. Perhaps it could benefit from more durable elastics. And, as a suggestion, incorporating golden clasps to the ring could be a nice touch.

Considering these experiences, I hope this feedback helps in product improvement.

Best regards,

Jan Fitzek

SLCKR & Illuzien Cape