The Details

The Rig was built with Fashion and Function in mind. When working through the design for The Rig, there were a few central concerns in our thought process. How can we cater to the modern barber, who is so often on the move? How can we provide a fashionable solution that can be worn in and out of the shop? How can we include the essential tools while still keeping the design minimal?

The schematic for the rig provides a summary of our conclusions. In almost every haircut, a barber utilizes their scissors, combs, clippers, and clipper guards. Not only are these tools used, they are used with a high frequency. By providing placement for these tools on the body, the barber can stay mobile and organized, moving around the chair without being stuck to their station.

The Rig Breakdown

quick release metal buckles

2 tapered shear pockets

comb storage

elastic loops for clipper storage

5 gusseted clipper guard pockets

The Manufacturer

With such a detailed and unique product, it was essential to find the right manufacturer to bring this to life. We are confident that the artisanship rooted in the town’s heritage will be evident in each product you receive.