About Us


The Founders

Tyler Tracy

Tyler is the CEO and co-founder of SLCKR. Originally from West Chester, PA, Tyler is 22 years old and resides in South Philadelphia. Tyler attended Penn State University studying industrial engineering. It was here that he discovered his love for barbering. He started by cutting his roommates and friends in his apartment bathroom for free. By the end of his college career, he developed a vast clientele in the Penn State area, completed his apprenticeship in the Philadelphia area, and cut abroad in the original Johnny's Barbershop in Limerick, Ireland.

Tyler's background in traditional education as well the barbering industry provides him with a unique perspective on the space. He believes there is much room for growth in the industry through community growth and conversation. "Time needs to be spent on uplifting each other and moving forward as one. The segmentation and competition that the industry seems to feed off of is the same segmentation that holds it back." 

Ben Johnson

Ben is the COO and co-founder of SLCKR. Originally from Landenberg, PA, Ben is 24 years old and resides in West Philadelphia. He discovered his love for small business at the young age of 15, working at his local butcher shop. Ben also attended Penn State University receiving his degree in economics. He went to work for a Fortune 100 company in a sales and marketing role, but later left in search of more responsibility. He found a home at a shoe retail startup, pushing sales and managing inventory logistics.

Though he is not a barber himself, Ben grew up going to the local barbershop from a young age. He had always admired the comradery shared in the barbershop and the safe place it provided for discourse about complicated topics.

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What we do

SLCKR creates premium barber wear offerings. The goal of our products is to combine fashion and functionality to provide barbers with stylish clothing and accessories that makes their day to day lives easier.

Our flagship product, The Rig, is a tactical chest rig designed to store the tools most frequently used throughout the course of a haircut. The goal of The Rig is to reduce travel to and from the station to grant the barber more time in their workday. This time can be used to introduce an additional haircut by decreasing total cut time.

Who we do it for

SLCKR caters to the modern barber. The modern barber is trend conscious, business savvy, and passionate about the craft they have made a career out of. They seek to move the industry forward by overcoming the challenges they face, challenges such as fixed income, lack of security, and burnout. The modern barber is the future and the face of the barbering industry.