We chatted with Hadi Elferri AKA @thebrooklyncuts about his move from Montreal to Brooklyn. Here are five snippets to help you elevate today.

1) Your inner circle matters.

  • Those that you surround yourself with impact who you are and what you do.
  • Surrounding yourself with those that motivate you will move you forward faster.
  • Starting over in a new place can allow you to recreate that inner circle from scratch.


2) Social media isn't everything.

  • Social media matters, but so do personal interactions.
  • Don't forget about traditional marketing techniques and never underestimate the power of word of mouth marketing. Your clients are your biggest advocates.
  • Focus on the now and provide the best service possible to the client in your chair.


3) A haircut is half the battle.

  • While a good haircut is important, so is customer service.
  • Talk to your clients and listen, provide value beyond taking hair off of the head.
  • Building a personal relationship will keep clients coming back and involve them in your success.


4) Look the part.

  • The Rig serves as a marketing tool for Hadi. It catches clients eyes and sets him apart from the others at the shop.
  • Clients come to you to take care of their look. The appearance and style of the barber serving them is important in their decision to sit in your chair.
  • Presentation is key, ensure your station is organized, your cape is folded, and your chair is facing outwards inviting the client to take a seat.

5) Words of encouragement.

  • Hadi took a chance moving knowing that, at worst, he would come back to his hometown having learned something to better himself.
  • The barbering industry is vast and you can learn something everywhere. Try something new, put yourself in an uncomfortable space, and grow both personally and professionally.
  • Mitigate risk by doing your research. What do I need to make this move? What shops can I work at? How can I gain clientele? What barbers in the area are willing to help? 




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