For Jessie Gensu, The Greater Good is more than a space to cut hair. It's a space he's wanted to create from the time he was a kid, long before barbering was ever a consideration.

The Greater Good is a gathering place for community and collaboration, with a goal of celebrating the arts and giving back. They also happen to cut some pretty great hair.

We talked to Jessie on last week's SLCKR Collective on fulfilling his childhood vision, creating a safe space for creatives, and keeping his passions alive through other artists turned friends.

Defining The Greater Good

Jessie strives to give an outlet to those who want to create. Whether that be hair, art, photography, you name it, The Greater Good is for anyone with passion and intent for what they do. Jessie sees the space as an opportunity for these individuals to showcase what they do best. The Greater Good provides a support system for those that may not have had it in their circle.

Fulfilling a Childhood Vision

Jessie didn't always want to be a barber, but he always wanted to have a space that people wanted to come to. His viewpoint is the opposite of the traditional 9-5, as he strived to create a space where work and play could become one. Now, Jessie lives down the street from The Greater Good and he knows his 10 year old self would be more than happy.

Progressing Through Collaboration

One of the events The Greater Good hosts at the shop are hair jams. Hair jams are where stylists and barbers alike come together to create and learn. Through collaboration and sharing of knowledge, the attendees are able to grow their craft together. These events help to push one another forward and express creativity outside of the ebb and flow of shop life.

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