In 2016, Brandon Michael was shown some Instagram posts by a friend. These videos consisted of clean sectioning of hair, precise shapes, and effortless cutting. He was instantly intrigued. The videos were created by the Menspire team, a then young business starting to gain some recognition in the UK.


Fast forward to today. Menspire has now expanded to 20 locations across europe and beyond. Brandon has recently been named the head of Menspire USA education and helped open the first Menspire location in the United States, Menspire Portland.


So, how did he get here? The answer is taking risks, working hard, and just a bit of luck. Brandon was working in Atlanta, Georgia with a busy book, but he wanted something more out of his profession. Unsatisfied with the basic side parts and combovers, he wanted a way to better express himself in hair. The creative outlet that Brandon fell in love with suddenly didn't feel so creative.


While attending the Barbercon in NYC,  looking to advance himself and his profession, Brandon left his group to go watch Menspire perform on stage. He was enthralled with the appearance of the group. Dressed in their neat but casual uniforms and their perfectly done hair, the group captured the audience and demanded attention. Brandon knew then that he had to be apart of Menspire.


From here, Brandon attended a five-day Menspire education course in Toronto, Canada. Though he was well out of his comfort zone with new cutting techniques, Brandon gave it his all and made connections that would later be critical in his addition to the Menspire team.




Through an Instagram introduction, Brandon kept in touch with the now director of Menspire Portland, Kyle Tate. Brandon knew Menspire was coming to the United States and, when they did, he got his chance. Picking it all up to start anew, Brandon packed his bags and shipped off from Atlanta, Georgia to Portland, Oregon into the realm of uncertainty. A big move and a big risk, but that's the way Brandon likes to work.



Just over one year later, Brandon has been named the Head of Menspire Education in the USA. This lofty appointment is a result of Brandon's skill and dedication to his craft. For him, the title is just that, a title. Brandon knows his work is just getting started. He hopes to inspire others and present a profession where people can do what they love. There is much to be proved and he is ready for the challenge.



The future for Brandon and for Menspire? It's bright. Expansion into the United States is just getting started. Brandon sees a world with Menspire accredited academies across every big city. Along the likes of Sassoon in the hairdressing industry, Brandon envisions a revolution that will change the barbering industry for the better.



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